Description: During this service, the customer’s (e.g., a company, SME, a start-up, a researcher) development and testing needs are clarified for the project planning purposes. It also includes the process of mapping the customer’s needs and co-designing of the strategic planning in relation to the target/purpose of the project and Living Lab capabilities to offer the particular project.

R&D service category-ies: Community & Network building, Co-creation, Advisory services

Key characteristics in Living Lab context:

  • Can be both open discussion or more focused
  • Usually at the beginning of the research process
  • Can be virtual/online or in person event
  • Duration varies-30 minutes (very short from) to few hours or days. In most of the cases there are multiple meetings taking place/more than one contact
  • Often multi-stakeholder approach: Researchers, clinicians, customers, students

Participants’ role:

  • Customers as co-creators


  • Discuss and understand who the customers are and what their needs are.
  • Agree to a plan -usually it is made a document/contract- (set goals, explore the different services, engage the operational team)
  • Revise & follow-up activities with the customer


  • Make a project proposal/offer between the relevant stakeholders
  • Make a project contract


Client's needs elicitation methodology, interview/focus group/questionnaires for defining the project and collecting the needs, co-design of the strategic planning in relation to the target/purpose of the project


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