Capacity building

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Description: Training, knowledge sharing and awareness raising, site visits and event arrangement. Offering training for end-users and/or practitioners to improve their skills and knowledge about Living Lab approach, co-creation, iterative development and healthcare and wellbeing market. Stimulating knowledge sharing and awareness raising by publishing professional and scientific publications and arranging events, site visits and seminars.

R&D service category-ies: Capacity building

Key characteristics in Living Lab context:

  • The way of knowledge sharing and transfer depends on the project and on the purpose
  • Use of short-term or long-term methods and courses
  • Material can be both created for a purpose but also some available online

Participants’ role:

  • Service beneficiaries become trainees
  • Living Labs can offer support for the design and facilitation of capacity building programs

Methods: Co-creation methodology, focus groups, training sessions (tech & non-tech), ethical training & legal in large scale settings, seminars, presentations, workshops, webinars, forums, websites and web-engines, events, site visits, publications, summer schools, degree program, methodological training, how to use new product

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101007990

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