Description: Referring to service, which enables customers to access or retrieve data from one or more databases consisting of relevant data, based on mutual agreements respecting ethics and GDPR, which can be used for development or testing purposes.

R&D service categories: Market and competitor intelligence services

Key characteristics in Living Lab context:

  • Usually 2 sources: already existing data, new data collected
  • Data must be anonymized and encrypted
  • Consent from participants have been previously acquired by the LLs when it's required by ethical and legal legislations
  • Type of data: demographics/personal data, health-clinical data (e.g., cognitive, treatment changes,physical performance, care to rehabilitation), measure data, sensors' data (brain activity)
  • For open data, FAIR data principles should be followed
  • Ethical approval and GDPR processes when needed


  • Create a database to store data
  • Define the accessibility of the database (public or limited access) and collected (in an integrated way or occasional/ad hoc databases/infrastructures)
  • It is, usually, needed a request that is passed to the responsible of databases
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