Description: Simulation is a technique that creates a situation and environment, which allows end-users to experience a representation of a real event in a risk-free environment. A predefined simulation scenario defines a particular set of conditions to resemble authentic situations in a location where a simulation experience takes place to test and to gain understanding of tested solution and related human interactions. After simulation event, facilitators and end-users re-examine the simulation experience, and various aspects of the completed simulation are discussed.

R&D service category-ies: Testing and validation

Key characteristics in Living Lab context

  • Mainly for ICT solutions
  • Simulation labs, smart home that simulate real-life home/specific scenarios to simulate real space


  • Simulate real-life situations and behavior but lower cost,
  • Identify improvement suggestions and usability test,
  • Provide development recommendations based on user/patient/customer experience and needs,
  • Identify key measures to investigate in follow-up tests

Methods: Simulation test, virtual reality (VR), usage scenarios, interview, debriefing, observation, survey, Wizard of Oz, sensors, usage logs, hospital ward, interactive patient mannequin, usage scenarios,

Tools: Audio recording, video recording


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