Description: Post-market surveillance is a “real world” test of medical innovations in patient subgroups. It is a practice of monitoring the safety of a medical innovation after it has been released on the market. Market acceptance testing focuses on collecting market feedback for the next revision development and tracking the solution performance in real competitive market conditions.

R&D service category-ies: Testing and validation, Market and competitor intelligence services

Key characteristics in Living Lab context:

  • Usually within a clinical or community research context (within the context of specific projects/the products that come out as research outcomes) and not as a standalone service.
  • As normal customer feedback collection and health promotion, for continuum improvement of the tool


  • Monitoring the safety of a medical innovation after it has been released on the market,
  • Evaluate social impact,
  • Identify new opportunities for business and research

Methods: Survey, observation, interviews, helpdesk logs, technical logs, complain reports, pre and post measurement (long term), market studies

Tools/online tools: questionnaires, validated scientific scale/questionnaires, sensors


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