Description: Panel is a pre-existing group of pre-screened people (e.g. patients, practitioners etc.) who have given their consent to take part in different research activities over an agreed period. Panel members have given their contact details and other profiling information, which enables fast recruitment for specific research activities as they come up.

R&D service category-ies: Project planning and management, networking and capacity building

Key characteristics in Living Lab context:

  • Group of patients, students but also experts, experts by experience and other staff can be used as a panel (agreement is necessary in every case)
  • Having engagement procedures in place (win to win situation), social activities


  • Enable fast participant recruitment,
  • Lower the management effort (no need to fill profile information multiple times)

Method: surveyrecruitment collaboration with medical professionals (e.g., in hospital ward)

Tools/Online tools: intake questionnaire, phone, open calls in social media/web, posters, email, personal invitations


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